the highest number

Inspired from a childhood saying, “I love you the highest number in the universes," this necklace features multi-sized brass digits and a tiny brass heart that delicately hangs separately on the left hand side. This saying was created when I was a child to express the love I had for my family and we still use the phrase to this very day. My imagination ran pretty wild and I often thought that if there was a number system that was higher than our perspective of infinity here on Earth, then my love for someone was that big. Doesn't make much sense, but numbers play an important role in everyone's life; an age, a birthday, an identity. What do numbers mean to you?

  • materials
    brass numbers, brass heart, matching antique gold chain, lobster clasp
  • dimensions
    numbers 1/4-1", necklace 18" in length
  • details

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